Shit I Say When High

Weed Wonka: The tunnel scene makes so much more sense now.

Weed Wonka: The tunnel scene makes so much more sense now.

"Listen to Jesus, Jimmy" from Reefer Madness: The Movie Musical

My Decision For Going Medical and Realization of How Recreational Smokers Save Lives.

Fair warning- this post may or may not be controversial, but I feel it is a post worth making, regardless of public opinion.

I live in legal and medical state, but have dragged my feet about going medical. For one, I am a little afraid of leaving a paper trail to show that I’m a smoker (also why the one thing I am not okay with when high is cameras). Mainly, I worry about the idea that I would be cheating the system. I smoke to deal with depression, as well as gastro-intestinal health issues, but I’m not a cancer, AIDS, or MS patient with a debilitating illness. Would I be just another degenerate cashing in on the pain of others?

However, I have decided to go medical, and here is my justification: Recreational smokers, who may have limited or no debilitating health issues, keep the industry alive for the people who need marijuana for extreme health issues. Patients with cancer, AIDS, etc. likely do not have any disposable income, and prices would be much higher for them if the pool of customers was smaller. Right now, the medical marijuana industry, like any capitalist industry, is driven by competition within the marketplace. With too few customers, it would crash. The recreational smokers being a part of the Medical Marijuana revolution have helped make marijuana more affordable to severely sick patients.

The result: Casual smokers make the MM industry truly able to help sick people with lower prices and more availability as a result of a larger market.

Now, I’m ready for the next step. I’ll be making an appointment this week. Wish me luck.

My reaction when I learned my new job doesn’t do drug testing.